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Most of us rely heavily on the internet. Streaming music, TV shows, films, SMART technology, working from home, or just watching cat videos: we would now be lost without decent home Wifi.

That’s why you need a Wifi network in your home or business that’s been installed properly and safely. A Wifi set up badly can cause huge problems. If you are having problems with your WIFI speed or Internet at home or in your office, call us on 021 703 794.

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How can we help?

There are a number of reasons for a slow connection and just adding a WIFI extender may not fix the problem. We will get one of our data and Wifi professionals to take a thorough look at your data cabling, wiring and access points to improve the Internet signal quality you already have. What we can do:

Boost wi-fi coverage and signal strength

Get the most out of your internet connection

Optimise your home entertainment components, surround sound, sound bars, blu-ray player, smart tv, streaming hardware and services

Properly set up, sync and utilise smart appliances and devices.

One of our electricians can make sure your Wifi network is set up properly and securely.

Data cabling

If you are looking at cabling, re-wiring, or improving your existing signal quality, we have the experienced electricians for the job.

We offer data networking. We use local area networking with structured cabling, such as CAT 5E and CAT 6 wired installations for new houses, or we can install data cabling if you’re renovating, or just need to update what you have.

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Wifi access points

Maybe the Wifi signal at home or in your business is none too flash and you’re struggling for a reliable, fast Internet connection. Our electricians can have a look at the issue and install Wifi access points to make virtual life easier. Give us a call for a no-obligation quotation.

Services so you can enjoy WIFI throughout your place:

  • Data cable installation
  • Point to point installation
  • Network hub installation
  • Structured cabling
  • Fibre optics
  • Wifi installation
  • Wifi improvements
  • Wifi access points

We’re the electrician that more North Shore residents and business owners trust when it comes to prompt, professional electrical services.


“Madah Recently added an outside sockets & switch to my house. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. the job was done really neatly, Perfect service from start to finish. Would definitely re call Madah for another jobs and Would highly recommend”.

– Rudy

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